Everything started with a simple idea. Since there is a charger, why can't there be a charger that can be applied to all equipment? 

BlitzMax was born from this idea. Providing products that users need is far less than enough. What we hope is to dig deep into the needs of users. Simply solving users' problems is far less than enough too. We also hope to provide a comprehensive and effective solution. Blitzmax came out with this belief and mission.

Vision And Mission

The mission and vision of the BlitzMax brand is to provide consumers with the digital technology product and service experience, and become the favored digital technology brand. 

Our Approach

We have been committed to providing customers with a high-quality experience through high-quality products and considerate after-sales service, witnessing that customers have a more convenient and smart lifestyle through our products. There is no exaggerated description and no cumbersome packaging, but we insist on high quality and high performance.   

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Business Information:

Company in Hong Kong: SUI CHENG LIMITED
Address: Room 38, 11/F, Meeco Industrial Building, 53-55 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
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