Blitzhome Sous Vide Machine, 1100W Ultra Quiet Cooker

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Blitzhome Sous Vide Machine, 1100W Ultra Quiet Cooker Blitzhome Sous Vide Cooker, Intelligent Fast-Heating WiFi Connect Preset Recipes on APP Immersion Circulator Precise Cooker with Accurate Temperature and Timer Features: Precise...

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Blitzhome Sous Vide Machine, 1100W Ultra Quiet Cooker

Blitzhome Sous Vide Cooker, Intelligent Fast-Heating WiFi Connect Preset Recipes on APP Immersion Circulator Precise Cooker with Accurate Temperature and Timer


Precise Temperature and Timer Control
With a wide temperature range of 77-198.5°F (25-92.5°C) and accuracy of 0.1°C/°F, ensuring tender and flavorful dishes. The intuitive LED touch controls make adjustment and tracking effortless. Elevate your cooking experience and enjoy the perfect cooking results every time with our sous vide machine's process

2.4GHz WiFi Remote Control
The WiFi remote control function allows you to monitor and control the sous vide machine from your phone, wherever you are. It also offers 30 recipes for you to choose from, making it easy for kitchen novices to operate. You can even share device monitoring data with your family members by setting them as administrators in the app

Durable Clamp for Secure Usage
Unlike traditional spring-fixed clamps, our removable spiral fixation clamp offers enhanced durability and safety. Prevent accidents and burns caused by tipping over, while also accommodating a wider range of cooking containers (up to 0-3.3cm thickness)

Efficient Cooking Power
BLITZHOME 1100W sous vide cooker with 360° water circulation significantly reduces cooking time, increasing efficiency by over 50%. Suitable for Larger Capacity Containers 4-15L, surpassing others limited capacity of 6-10L, you can cook larger quantities effortlessly. Save time and enjoy faster, more efficient cooking

Quiet and Safe Operation
Enjoy a serene cooking environment with our ultra-quiet sous vide cooker. Operating at less than 15 dB noise level at a distance of 1 meter, it lets you focus on the joy of cooking without any distractions. Low Water Level Protection and Temperature Alarm to prevent dry burning and ensure a secure cooking experience

Remote Monitoring Made Easy
Monitor your cooking process remotely with our intuitive mobile app. Plus, stay connected to your culinary journey as LED lights change colors and audio alerts keep you informed, even from a distance

Breath Light Reminder Function
You can monitor the cooking progress through the color conversion of breathing lights(Red light: heating mode / Green light: insulation mode / Blue light: cooking completed)

Adjustable Detachable Spiral Clamp
With spiral clamp, you can easier to operate and more stable. Used for containers with a thickness of 0-3.3cm


Brand: Blitzhome
Product: Sous Vide Cooker
Wattage: 1100 watts
Voltage: 110-120Volts/220-230Volts
Control Method: Touch
Capacity: 10-15L
Temperature Range: 77.0~198.5℉(25.0~92.5℃)
Temp accuracy: ±0.1℃(1°F )
Timer: 0-99 Hours and 59 minutes
Material: 304 Stainless Steel + PC
Power cord length: 100cm/39.37in
Product Dimensions: 383x72x72mm/15.07x2.83x2.83in
Package Dimensions: 430×115×150mm/16.92x4.52x5.9in

Package Includes:

1x Sous Vide Cooker
1x User Manual
1x Spiral Clamp
1x Recipes


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Paulie Pucks
Time to Boil Some Steaks in a Bag - Sous Vide Style!

This is a pretty solid Sous vide unit. Its been many years since Ive cooked Sous vide, but I remember the steaks and chicken being absolutely perfect and not having to worry about overcooking.

We have a foodsaver vacuum sealer which well be using to vacuum bag our meats for cooking. If youre unfamiliar, Sous vide translates to with vacuum essentially you place your Sous vide sealed meats in the tub of water with this unit keeping the water at the constant temperature which ensures even cooking without the risk of over cooking. Steaks and chops can then be seared to perfection.

I look forward to getting back into this culinary style, and this unit looks fit to do the trick.

Also included was a Sous vide recipe book which I will definitely be giving a try! Highly recommend as a gift or for someone who enjoys cooking in this style or wants to try it!

Don White
This works well on tough cuts of meat

This works great on tough cuts of meat. The meat turns out nice and tender. It also comes with a wifi feature. Included with the Sous Vide is a recipe booklet with a few recipes. The recipes call for whatever you are cooking to be vacuum sealed.

Nice stuff

Great design for cooking and easy to use and works great, nice quality and nice product and reasonable price.

jhaAmaya Blanco
Easy To Use

This is very easy to use into attach to my pot and has a really good Settings keypad.

Sam Schubarth
Sous Vide, Sous Great!

I love being in the kitchen, I love different cooking techniques and trying new gadgets! I have been reading about Sous Vide cooking and I had secretly been wanting a Sous Vide machine. Recently I had come across a vacuum sealer and have been playing with that. I had read that although you dont have to use a vacuum sealer when Sous Vide cooking, it does help a lot. So now I had the sealer and voila, I came across this appliance. Of course I jumped at the chance. Unpacking it, I was shocked to see how big it actually was. Its quite large, and makes my Dutch oven pot seem rather small.(Ill definitely be upgrading my cook system) I immediately started watching videos and reading how tos on Sous Vide. I just so happened to have a small rack of ribs in my freezer. I pulled them out, thawed, seasoned and sealed up a vacuum bag. I connected the app and appliance and immediately got to cooking. 5 hours in and it is working perfectly. I have my ribs set for a 6 hour cook and you cant even hear it working. My wife does not like slow cooking. She gets over smells rather quickly so being able to cook these ribs is awesome. Its all so hands off and you cant smell a thing unless you are right next to the pot. I am super impressed and I cant wait to keep experimenting with it. I will be using this all the time.

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